Sleep Issues / Insomnia

Sleep is a very important component of our mental health and well-being. Sleep needs do vary from person to person but on average adults need 7 ½ to 9 hours of sleep per night to function their best. Children and teens need even more sleep with school age children needing 10-11 hours and teens between 8 ½ to 10 hours of sleep per night.

There are many different forms sleep issue can take which include:
  • Insomnia – having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.
  • Hypersomnia – when someone is sleeping excessively
  • Snoring – a snorting sound when someone has some breathing obstruction.
  • Sleep Apnea – this is when a person stops breathing for a period and then will often gasp to catch their breath. This disrupts sleep rhythms in those affected.
  • Narcolepsy – a brain disorder that causes excessive daytime sleepiness.

Sleep is a foundational part of our well being and not getting enough sleep can contribute to depression, anxiety, academic problems, poor performance and emotional dysregulation. We have tools to help you improve your sleep so don’t let sleep lead to further problems for you or your child.

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