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Embracing Change This Spring

Posted by Collaborative Counseling

With all that has happened in the past year, we know life may feel monotonous, repetitive and dreary at times. You are navigating life through a pandemic! Life is hard and there is no question that it has been even more difficult these last 12 months.

Spring is a wonderful time to consider ways to grow and bring to life the things you love! There are gentle reminders all around us in springtime that nudge us in the direction of healing and growth. Here are some things that may be tools for you this spring to help foster a season of change and redirection if you are feeling stuck in your ways.

1. Cook a new meal from fresh herbs

It may be too soon to grow your own, but until that day comes, fresh herbs from the grocery store may do the trick! Try a chicken pesto pasta with fresh basil, or a Greek gyro with fresh dill.

2. Spend time outside on walks through a park

While this is a very common spring activity with Midwesterners who are itching to get outside, find a way to switch it up every week! Find a new local park or grab an afternoon tea on your way to a park for your evening walk.

3. Plant seeds or fresh flowers

Planting annuals is a great way to switch up your landscaping outside! Go to your local greenhouse, Lowe’s, Home Depot or Menards and choose from a selection of annuals to add to a flower box or landscaping around your home. The bright colors in these floral arrangements will surely bring a smile to your face!

4. Stop and smell the roses

Quite literally! If you notice a bright beautiful tree or a large bush of lilacs, take five seconds and soak it in! The aroma of spring and the flowers from the trees only lasts for a few weeks a year, so don’t miss it when you see it.

5. Try a new local coffee shop or small business

Beautiful weather makes for a great afternoon of sitting outside a local coffee shop or leisurely checking out a new local store. It is fun to see what hidden gems are right in your neighborhood!

We hope that these ideas give you a boost of creativity or a sense of renewal this spring. Embracing change can be hard, and it can also be so fun to find something new you love with new experiences.

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